There are lots of things that stand out about the 2021 Hyundai Sonata. The aggressive front-end design, the turbocharged power, and the impressive comfort all come to mind immediately. But the real party piece of this new Hyundai model is the technology that makes your life easier than ever. Explore the new tech available on the new Hyundai Sonata right now, and then visit Capitol Hyundai to take it for a test drive!

Linked to Your Life

Our cars are a big part of our lives, both financially and physically, and it makes sense that you would want to ensure your vehicle was safely where you left it. The new Hyundai Sonata allows you to check its location using your smartphone, and even hand over driving privileges to others without actually having to give them the keys. Simply allow them to use their phone as a key to unlock, start, and drive your car, whether a friend is borrowing it for the day or you need help getting back and forth to the airport. Phone as a key works for you as well, so you can leave your keys safely in your pocket or purse and still use your Sonata as normal. And while we’re talking about your smartphone, never forget that you can start the engine, adjust the climate control settings, and lock or unlock the doors from anywhere.

Park with Ease

Whether you’re squeezing into a tight parking space or just don’t want to worry about dinging the doors of the cars around you, the Smart Park feature helps you park with greater ease. Simply line your vehicle up with the parking space, get out, and use the key to move your vehicle into the space. It can sense the vehicles on either side and steers accordingly to center itself between them, while you focus on stopping it before the curb. You can then use the same process to get the car out of its space and then get in, without ever having to squeeze between cars.

Visit Our Dealership Today!

This was just a glimpse at the tech you’ll find in the new Hyundai Sonata. Visit our dealership in Montgomery to take one for a test drive and see it all today!

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