When you’re choosing which 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe is perfect for your Montgomery lifestyle, you may realize there are several powertrain options available to you. Knowing exactly which new Hyundai model is the right fit is a matter of understanding what you plan to do with your new SUV, and Capitol Hyundai is here to help.

Front-Wheel Drive Vs. All-Wheel Drive

No matter which engine you choose for your 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe, you’ll have a choice between all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive power delivery. While each system has its own pros and cons, your lifestyle will determine which one is the best for you.

Front-wheel drive is perfect for Montgomery drivers who don’t plan on tackling many off-road adventures or snowy northern roads. This drivetrain offers superior fuel economy in most situations, but you do give up the security of all-wheel control when things get slippery. Still, if you stick to city streets, highways, and paved back roads, this economical powertrain will be a perfect fit.

Conversely, all-wheel drive uses a bit of extra fuel but gives you additional security when the going gets tough. The intelligent all-wheel drive system in the 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe can send power to each wheel individually. This offers up improved cornering ability on dry roads by sending power to the outside wheels. In slippery conditions, it means sending power to the wheels with the most grip to keep you moving forward. And when you get out of shape, intelligent all-wheel drive will shift power around accordingly to help bring you back in line.

Turbocharged Vs. Naturally Aspirated Power

This one might seem obvious, but turbocharged engines offer more power with less displacement, meaning you don’t sacrifice much fuel economy to gain horsepower. Naturally aspirated engines produce most of their torque higher in the rev range, which makes for incredibly smooth acceleration. Turbocharged engines offer more pull at lower rpms, which makes the great for towing but would possibly feel jarring in block-to-block stop and go traffic. If power is important to you though, the turbocharged engine is the way to go, as it offers 235 horsepower on the 2020 Santa Fe, vs. the 185-horespower naturally-aspirated power plant.

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