When you're driving, you shouldn't feel any kind of vibration from your vehicle or experience any kind of pulling to one side of the road. If you experience any of these issues, then your tire pressure might not at the proper level.

Your tire pressure can change because of the temperature outside your vehicle or if there is any damage to your tires. If the pressure is too high, then there won't be as much of the tire touching the roadway, which could impact stopping and handling curves. Tire pressure that is too low can result in too much of the tire being in contact with the road and can cause overheating and added strain on your tires.

If you experience any abnormal issues while driving that could be because of your tires, bring your vehicle to Capitol Hyundai Montgomery to have the tire pressure checked. It's also important for your tires to be routinely examined with the change of the seasons to ensure that they are properly inflated.



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