Prevent Gasket Failure

Gaskets are an integral part of your engine, and keeping them in good working order is critical to your engine's health. Knowing the signs of possible gasket problems can help you detect an issue before it becomes bigger--and more expensive to repair.

Gaskets provide an impenetrable barrier which keeps fluids, gasses, and other liquids from mixing. Though gaskets can last a long time, eventually the wear and tear on these parts can cause a hole to form which can allow these fluids to mix or escape which could lead serious engine issues. Common signs you need service include:

  1. Foaming, bubbling, or gurgling in the radiator
  2. White smoke coming out of the tailpipe
  3. Oil mixing with the coolant
  4. Low pressure in the cylinder
  5. Rapid pressure buildup in the coolant system

Should you experience any of these symptoms, contact Capitol Hyundai Montgomery and let our expert auto repair team diagnose and repair your vehicle to keep it in top condition.

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