Have you ever hit a pot hole and your car seemed to bounce? Although this is not good for your vehicle, it could have been a whole lot worse if it wasn't for your suspension. That's why we here at Capitol Hyundai Montgomery want you to know the basics about what your suspension does and when it needs to be serviced and replaced.

The suspension of your vehicle can be thought of as shock absorbers. There are probably tons of rocks and other debris that your car runs over on a daily basis that you don't even feel because your suspension is doing its job. When you have to replace your suspension depends on how hard you are on it. Cars that are frequently driven off-road will need a suspension replacement far sooner than one that drives only in the city.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a service appointment to check your suspension, give us a call at our Hyundai service department in Montgomery, AL today!

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