You know that motor oil helps your car run safely and that your car requires an oil with a specific viscosity rating. But what do motor oil viscosity ratings mean? We have the answer, here at our Hyundai maintenance center in Montgomery, AL.

Let's define viscosity first. This quality measures a liquid's flow resistance. Thick liquids like molasses flow slowly, so we say that they have high viscosity. Water and other thin liquids flow quickly, so they feature low viscosity. Motor oil viscosity ratings always have a W and a hyphen, and examples include 5W-20 and 10W-40. The number before the W is an oil's viscosity in a cold engine. Following the hyphen, we see the oil's viscosity when in a hot engine. Always use the manufacturer's recommended oil viscosity rating in your car.

If you have additional questions about the right oil for your car, ask us at Capitol Hyundai Montgomery. We are auto service experts, and we are here to help you.

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