The Alternator Is A Mini-Generator For Your Car

Did you know that not only does your car run on gasoline, but it also runs on electricity? No, we're not talking solely about electric vehicles; even traditional gas-powered cars require a lot of electricity to run. While your battery is what is used to start your car, it is actually the alternator, a mini-generator right under your head, that does most of the heavy lifting.

Modern cars are full of electronic equipment and devices. The car's fuel system, diagnostic tools, even the electronic entertainment, all require a steady and stable source of electricity. Your alternator is what provides this electricity while the vehicle is running. A failing alternator can result in not just a dead battery, but also dead electronic devices.

Our excellent auto service team here at Capitol Hyundai Montgomery can test your alternator if you feel if may not be working properly. We can also provide alternator upgrades if your vehicle has aftermarket electronic parts. Bring your car in for service at our Montgomery, AL facility today.

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